Raju Z Moray

| @ | March 7,2019

GOBBLE D. Gook, being a seasoned veteran of such mishaps, was not at all surprised, like some inexperienced others, to read about the latest fire which gutted parts of the NCLAT (National Company Law Appellate Tribunal) Building in the Capital of Fake Country.

Being from Humbug City, which is the Commercial Capital of Fake Country, Gook knows that of all the natural elements, ‘Fire’ is the one element which is most loved by mischief makers everywhere.

Setting fire is perhaps the only occupation of mischievous men whose result can piously be passed off as an Act of God, or simply someone’s bad karma!

And unlike the law, fire does not discriminate as it burns.

Much loved by all religions and philosophies, fires teach us lessons about the ephemeral nature of things, including revenue and court records.

In Humbug City alone, helpful fires in the past have gotten rid of many records of the ‘Slum Rehabilitation Authority'(SRA), the Urban Development (UD) Department and not so long ago, the DRT (Debt Recovery Tribunal) & and the DRAT (Debt Recovery Appellate Tribunal), thereby saving grateful governments the unnecessary expenditure on digitisation of such records.

Another by-product of these fiery processes is how the work of PIOs (Public Information Officers) in these places has now become so easy because nobody can raise even a small finger against them if they refuse to part with information that has been cremated without any mourning.

Given this history of past blazes of glory, Gook hopes this Law-merick tells a story:

Official records many secrets stash

Fire rids them far better than a crash

Never ask “Why?”

In this age of RTI

Just admire the evidence becoming ash

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