Raju Z Moray

| @ | February 12,2019

GOOK knew that the Super Chief meant business when he issued Contempt notices to the CBI top brass who had wilfully disobeyed the directions of the SC.

The Super Chief had even warned..
“God help you!”

Well, God could not help much.

Nor could the learned AG who defended those in the dock.

And the contemnors were punished despite a well-drafted apology containing all the essential pleadings and prayers designed to induce forgiveness and mercy.

But judicial wrath is like a forest fire… difficult to douse.

Just a fine (even of a lakh rupees) would have been just fine..
but the Super Chief wanted to make a point..

“Be you ever so high, the Law is above you!”

And he has made it in style..
It shall be remembered awhile!

In this Law-merick, Gook, who had commented on the Contempt Notice last week, commemorates the punishment meted out today.


The CBI’s one-time Big Jack Horner
Now has to sit in a tight little corner

Till the Court has to rise
Or till he becomes wise

(Not likely latter, hence just the former..)

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