Law-merick: Gook on Senior designation!

Gobble D. Gook read with interest the SC ruling about designating advocates as “Senior Advocates” and wished there was a paragraph more in the judgment..mandating a re-evaluation of those already designated and allowing them to hold on to their precious square gowns only if they make the mark as per the SC’s new bench mark… In all probability 80% of the Toms,Dicks & Harrys will be swallowed by the snake of Justice and will have to struggle up the ladder of at least a semblance of Meritocracy in a new game of “Bar Snakes & Ladders”..

This Lawmerick is inspired by a dream of what would happen if the SC ruling was retroactively applied..

If existing designations are subject to scrutiny

Will there be a revolt..Or just a muted mutiny?

If there is a prism
To spot nepotism

What will happen to Tom, Dick, Harry..Amar, Akbar, Antony?

Raju Z Moray