Departing take

Judges have come
And they have retired
Very few have vented
Or departing shots fired

A recent retiring milord’s
Farewell speech outburst
Has given some reasons
Why the system’s accursed

He has said it is not
Just about the money
But internal approaches
By “connected” progeny

Not that any law-officers
Are inferior or dumb
With pressures from above
Some could succumb

There’s no use denying
And no need to hide
Independence of judiciary
Is in danger from inside

What will litigants feel
About courts as last resort
If they know that Milords
Are frolicking at a resort?

They may be from mofussil
Or from a privileged city
What should matter most
Is simply honesty and integrity

There is no one higher
Nor lower or subordinate
Being just and independent
Is what makes a judge great

It’s high time we pay heed
To such a departing take
After all the reputation of
An institution is at stake!