The Leaflet Interview

The Leaflet Interview

Our diminishing ability to withhold consent mandates a data privacy law: Akash Karmakar

‘The Personal Data Protection Bill 2018 addresses some of these concerns. Some significant concepts introduced include the right to be forgotten, data portability, restrictions on cross-border data transmission, carve outs for anonymised data and journalistic purposes, and reporting requirements for personal data breaches.’

November 16,2018

The Leaflet Interview

Men’s response to #MeToo may be bullying tactics: Maneka Gandhi

‘#MeToo is an example of a successful self-correction leading to change of mind sets.  Nevertheless, we would still be seeking help from experts to assess if there are any changes required anywhere so that women feel safer in the work places. I am going to set up a body of judges who will act as a Commission . They can hear the complaints and then give us their recommendations.’

October 15,2018

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