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Music of all kinds – MILES DAVIS

Music needs no introduction, listen and enjoy

May 4,2020

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#BollywoodNostalgia: In Memoriam - DIVYA BHARTI (1974-1993)

This month marks twenty-seven years since the Hindi Film Industry lost one of its most promising young stars - DIVYA BHARTI

April 15,2020

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The State as a cuckold

The Reports on Sarah and Saleem directed by Muayad Alayan, is an ironic take on Netanyahu’s Israel. The film’s plot concerns an extramarital affair between a Palestinian man and an Israeli woman

September 22,2019

Case update

EC bans screening of ‘PM Narendra Modi’ biopic till end of Lok Sabha polls

Poll panel’s move comes a day after top court rejects petition seeking a stay on its release, saying ECI was the appropriate forum.

April 10,2019

On Screen

The Leaflet Review: Lynch Nation

Their testimonies segue into how propaganda about “beef eaters” in India makes incensed mobs out of ordinary men. Through articulate first-person accounts of victims who hold India’s Hindu Right responsible for communally-charged mob violence, Lynch Nation also spotlights the struggle of ordinary citizens against far-right vigilantism’s unchecked power.

November 29,2018

On Screen

#Section377: Sridhar Rangayan’s ‘Breaking Free’

Sridhar Rangayan’s Breaking Free (2015) is a 90-minute documentary on the LGBTQI movement in India until the great heartbreak of the 2013 Supreme Court judgment. Much like the four-part SC judgments, it explores the link between sexuality and love, questions of identity that the LGBTQI peoples have faced, the systemic abuses from family members, society as well as law enforcement agencies, while celebrating the collective will of the people who kept the faith.

September 25,2018


Manto, the writer, was not a man

Writing, for Manto, was a violent transmission (or translation) of reality, where language speaks what it hears, and often fails to digest. Writing was Manto’s indigestible preoccupation. He was not looking for coherence, but instability. Nawazuddin Siddiqui plays Manto the way a refined artist pays tribute to another. His rendering of Manto allows you to reinvent the writer.

September 25,2018

On Screen

Democracy subverted: On Oliver Stone’s JFK

Often blandly described as a “conspiracy thriller”, JFK (1991), its artistic liberties notwithstanding, makes us sit up and ask uncomfortable and unrelenting questions about the government of the people, for the people, and by the people. Beset by yet another jingoistic round of nationalistic fervour, not seen since WWII, JFK, over and above its immediate subject, is actually re-examining the subversion of democracy and its institutions.

August 21,2018

On Screen

‘Bad Genius’: Thai young cinema

The culture of cheating in Nattawut Poonpiriya’s ‘Bad Genius’ can be viewed as enabling social mobility and finding a place in a globalising economy where competition is fierce. Chuengcharoensuking plays the ambivalence and strange integrity of a noir protagonist to perfection who, even as she is on the run, must risk all to keep her word.

July 21,2018

On Screen

The French connection

A school teacher’s relationship with immigrant students is a poignant dramatisation of the French integration process and its official ‘secularism’ in multi-ethnic France.

June 11,2018