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Section 377

SC’s positive approach gives hope

The petitioners have heavily relied on the elaborate enunciation of privacy, autonomy, and dignity that protects the intimate relations of individuals in the privacy judgment delivered last year, along with the 2014 SC judgment in transgender rights.

Transparency and Accountability

The Age of Information Emergency

Punctuated by the State’s persistent demand for a transparent and obedient citizenry, is the spectre of the government trying every trick in the book to be less transparent and accountable to its people.

June 26,2018

The Kashmir Conversation

The Kashmir merry-go-round

While there are several elements in the Kashmir valley which say ‘talk to Pakistan’, no one has any concrete idea or roadmap as to which are the areas in which the talks can happen.

June 25,2018

The Kashmir Conversation

The question hidden in plain sight

It is an invitation to explore a roadmap—a journey towards legal processes and democratic mechanisms for truce, peace and transitional justice that will undoubtedly be complex, but one that could strive to be inclusive and under international law.

Women's rights

An excellent provocation

While we applaud the chess Grandmaster’s bold stand and courage, it should nudge us into critically evaluating the role of state and religion in our civil liberties and personal freedoms.

June 21,2018

Democracy and Rule of Law

Federalism in the dock

The court cannot be a mute spectator to the constant assault on the federal structure as well as the democratic functioning of the Delhi government, by the current BJP regime, whether in Delhi or in the other non-BJP ruled States.

Environment Law

Of ecosystems and equality

While the Supreme Court upheld intergenerational equity with its 2014 judgment declaring all mining after November 22, 2007 as illegal, it’s time to carve a sustainable model together.

June 11,2018

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