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Political Economy

‘Interim budget’ a political challenge

Roughly ten weeks before the crucial Lok Sabha poll begins, the Prime Minister, through his interim budget has stolen some of the thunder posed by the Congress president through his declaration of a minimum income support programme for the rural and urban poor if the Congress is elected to power.

February 1,2019


The People's Judge: Justice Madan B Lokur

During the time he was in the Supreme Court, he continued his contribution to multiple areas of administration of justice, most of which are well documented. I have not seen any judge who has drawn and not crossed the fine line between familiarity outside Court and the conduct inside it as Justice Lokur.

February 1,2019

History and law

Partition and minority rights

If we move beyond the first glance and conduct a closer examination of Constituent Assembly debates, it’s amply clear that the Partition indeed was the running sub-text of the drafting process. In fact, the Constituent Assembly took notice of the unfortunate manner in which the Partition was unfolded, and certain members also referred to the uncountable deaths caused by the partition, a holocaust of massive proportions. The rights of the minorities guaranteed by the Constitution are quintessential examples of the fundamental rights which were deeply influenced by the Partition.

Lead Opinion

Rahul Gandhi, the 21st century socialist

Like Bernie Sanders in USA and Jeremy Corbyn in Britain, who are leading the young brigade giving the hope of a new society based on socialist ideals, it’s Rahul Gandhi’s mandate to reconfigure socialist ideals for the 21st century. The Congress has to take the major role in framing the common minimum programme of the anti-BJP opposition for the 2019 Lok Sabha election putting this basic minimum programme as the prime agenda. The other should be the free medicare for the poor and the senior citizens.

January 29,2019

Labour Rights

The labour in defence

“We have no other economic demands on the table. The 4 lakh workers from 42 state-owned ordnance factories, DRDO units, all the Military Engineering Service (MES) centres and Army Station Workshops are challenging the government at the policy level. Put an end to privatising defence production. In a sense, the strike is historic. This is for the first time that all the civilian employees under the Department of Defence have come together for a strike action. Earlier workers of only some ordnance production units used to come together.”

January 28,2019


Collegium - Prey to Judges

The Collegium has recommended names of Chief Justice of Karnataka, Justice Dinesh Maheshwari and Chief Justice of Delhi, Justice Sanjiv Khanna for elevation to the Supreme Court who are junior to Justices Rajendra Menon and Pradeep Nandrajog. There are no parameters available in public domain indicating as to how this elevation of judges to the Apex Court is assessed by the Collegium. The entire process is whimsical, random and highly arbitrary.

January 18,2019

Law Enforcement

Police leadership has failed India

Police leaders continue to display abject incompetence in leading the police from front. The working and living conditions of policemen remain subhuman in most states. Their training and lack of camaraderie is apparent from the shameful manner in which the murdered Inspector, Subodh Kumar Singh, was abandoned by his subordinates when surrounded by murderous crowd in the Bulandshahr incident.

January 15,2019


Reservation for upper castes a political gimmick

There is little doubt that the quota gamble will backfire as the OBCs and Dalits are turning against Modi and BJP. It is an irony that while the government is offering reservation to upper castes, it has not taken a decision on quotas in promotion. Modi is desperate to win over the upper caste people by offering quota, but has he cleared the backlog for reservation? What about the vacancies at the Centre?

January 11,2019


Modi government’s worst legacy

Outlandish claims which were presented at one of the annual science congresses which made the Nobel laureate Venkataraman Ramakrishnan describe the conclaves as a “circus”, vowing never to attend them again. The latest Science Congress has seen similar embarrassing claims such as that the gravitational waves will soon be renamed as Narendra Modi waves and that the gravitational lensing effect will become known as the Harsh Vardhan effect.

January 7,2019


It’s time for anyone but Modi

Recent interview of PM Modi with ANI has once again proved that he is no visionary. Nor did he say anything reassuring for poor farmer and unemployed youth. He tried to paint a rosy picture by projecting data with one-sided interpretation. He came out as a spokesperson for the party rather than as the prime minister of this great nation. His refusal to take responsibility for the recent electoral losses also puts him in poor light. 

January 7,2019

Sexual Offences

Tharoor’s Bill demanding criminalisation of marital rape is significant

It is essential to criminalise marital rape in order to break the age-old understanding that “marriage sanctions sex” or that married women are incapable of giving consent or that consent is presumed/implied upon marriage. This understanding only legitimises the patriarchal notion that a woman is the property of her husband after marriage.

January 5,2019

Democracy and Rule of Law

India’s crisis of democracy

Those of us who are taken in by the idea of minimum qualifications must recognise that it is a slippery slope, the next milestone of which is to deny illiterate the right to vote, the next those of a certain religion, caste, gender etc. This is no different from denying people the right to access a village well.

January 2,2019

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