Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

Slum dwellers’ right to the city

Is there an unconscious neo-liberal bias in the judiciary.

April 18,2019

Prison Reform

Madras High Court holds 50% deduction of prisoners’ wages in Tamil Nadu as unconstitutional

The petitioner, Mr K R Raju, in his PIL prayed that: “Writ Petition is filed under Article 226 of the Constitution of India, to issue a Writ of Declaration, to declare the Rule No.481 of the Tamil Nadu Prison Rules, 1983 to the extent of 50% of the wages earned by the prisoners deducted for up keeping of the prisoners and 20% of the wages credited to prison fund to be paid to the victims, as illegal and against law and justice, consequently to direct the respondents to increase the prisoners wage in the State of Tamil Nadu credited to the prisoners cash property account from 30% to at least 75% within the time stipulated by this Court.”

February 14,2019

Law Enforcement

Police leadership has failed India

Police leaders continue to display abject incompetence in leading the police from front. The working and living conditions of policemen remain subhuman in most states. Their training and lack of camaraderie is apparent from the shameful manner in which the murdered Inspector, Subodh Kumar Singh, was abandoned by his subordinates when surrounded by murderous crowd in the Bulandshahr incident.

January 15,2019

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