Law and Sexuality

Women's rights

The question of female consent

With both the adultery and the marital rape issues being now considered by the Court, it is important to acknowledge that the fear of frivolous litigation should not stop protection from being offered to those caught in abusive traps, where they are degraded to the status of a chattel. The questions involve impairment of the rights conferred under Article 21 of the Constitution.

August 10,2018


Memorandum to Kejriwal on Alka Lamba's transphobic remarks

Alka Lamba has been criticised on social media for stereotyping the trans community by calling them "beech wale" who clap loudly ("thaali peetna"). Despite being called out on Twitter for her transphobic remarks, she has neither pulled down her tweet, nor has apologised for it.

August 7,2018

Civil Society

WSS condemn transphobia

WSS statement points to the diverse forms of discrimination faced by the community, aggravated by the class and caste hierarchies. Members of transgender community have been historically deprived of their legitimate natural and constitutional rights.

August 6,2018

Law and Religion

The ‘celibacy vs menstruation’ non-debate

Whether it is arbitrariness, lack of parity in verification requirements, placing the onus of men’s celibacy on women, treating men as a class of devotees whose interests require greater protection —each and every one of these conclusions requires the ban to be struck down as blatantly unconstitutional.

July 28,2018

Civil Society

#AntiTraffickingBill2018: Passage in Lok Sabha new low

The Government’s tearing hurry and avoidance of the Standing Committee shows absolute disregard for democratic processes and parliamentary procedures. It also shows that the Government is not confident of its contents and is afraid that closer examination will expose the pompous claims and rhetoric that has surrounded the Bill.

July 27,2018

Law and Sexuality

#AntiTraffickingBill2018: UNOHCHR is right

Lawyers, members of the civil society, sex workers, queer rights activist, labour rights activists and child rights activists have criticised the Bill on grounds of increasing abuse of consenting adult sex workers, migrating labourers, targeting of transgender persons and the over-legislation resulting from the Bill’s scope and approach towards consensual sex work.

July 24,2018

Law and Sexuality

Sexually harassed woman judge files for reinstatement

The former woman judge pleaded that her resignation — given four years back in the wake of “unbearable circumstances” — amounted to an act of constructive termination. She claims that she was forced to put in her papers as a consequence of her being unlawfully and in a mala fide manner transferred to a conflict area for not bowing to the immoral demands of a Madhya Pradesh High Court judge.

July 23,2018

Civil Society

[WATCH] Press Conference on #AntiTraffickingBill2018

Lawyers Collective is addressing the media on why the Bill, which has been in the making for over two years, miserably fails to address the legal and real-time challenges that arise in addressing trafficking in persons and securing the rights and dignity of trafficked victims. 

July 17,2018


Why Section 377 must go

In this video, we speak to Chayanika Shah, who talks about her life experiences as a queer woman in India and living with the hope of seeing Section 377 struck off from the rule books.

July 9,2018

Law and Sexuality

Sex, toys and Right to Privacy

Our right to privacy is an inalienable right, irrespective of our gender orientation and hence what we do with the sex toys in the privacy of our bedrooms shouldn’t be of anyone else’s business.

June 22,2018

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