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What ‘time’ is the right ‘time’ for the George Floyd protests?

Bob Dylan Questions & Dr Martin Luther King Jr.’s Answers

June 2,2020

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US Commission on International Religious Freedom puts India under the category of ‘Country of Particular Concern’ for "engaging in and tolerating systematic, ongoing and egregious religious freedom violations". 

Of the nine members, two have expressed their dissent over the USCIRF recommendation to place India in the CPC. And a third member also expressed his personal view on India. 

April 29,2020

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Resolution against CAA to be tabled at European Parliament; Lok Sabha speaker says such resolution would set ‘unhealthy precedent’

“CAA marks a dangerous shift in the way citizenship will be determined in India”, read the motion

January 28,2020

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Iranian human rights lawyer sentenced to 38 years in prison

Rights activists around world express shock, call for her release.

March 13,2019

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Trump is paving the way for a bloody civil war in Venezuela

In a deja vu, it appears that the United States has been preparing the ground for a military invasion with thousands of troops rumoured to be massing in neighbouring Colombia. US National Security Adviser John Bolton sparked intense discussion on Monday after he was photographed carrying a note which appeared to read: “5,000 troops to Colombia” as he left a press conference. It comes days after US Republican Senator Lindsey Graham revealed that President Donald Trump had discussed the use of military intervention as imperialist powers ramp up their efforts to bring down democratically elected Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

January 31,2019

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New year augurs well for the Global Left

And the leftward shift in Europe is no electoral capriciousness or mere fickle-minded mood swing of the electorate. Rather, they are firmly rooted in the material conditions of austerity, not only in Europe but even to some extent in America. Ten years of austerity as a result of the Eurozone crisis has left the population reeling. Japan has been sinking under the weight of austerity for more than a decade.

January 3,2019

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