Freedom of Press

Freedom of Press

Assange’s arrest: “Stolen Documents" and the assault on press freedom

Reminiscent of India, the stolen documents argument sets an “especially dangerous precedent for journalists, who routinely violate foreign secrecy laws to deliver information vital to the public’s interest”.

April 17,2019

Case update

SC: Rafale, right to publish documents is in consonance with freedom of speech

No power with the executive arm  to restrain publication or placing of secret documents before a court of law, says court.

April 10,2019

Case update

Delhi HC dismisses India TV’s plea to restrain its journalist from joining rival news-channel

“Any injunction would also be in violation of Article 21 of the Constitution. The right to life with human dignity of a person is a fundamental right of every citizen for pursuit of happiness and excellence,” the court order read, adding that “Liberty aims at freedom not only from arbitrary restraint but also to secure such conditions which are essential for the full development of human personality.”

February 5,2019

Freedom of Speech

Free Speech in India 2018

The range of curbs on free speech, with unreasonable and often illegal clampdowns from various quarters – the State, both at the Centre and respective state governments; non-state actors and vigilante groups; corporations and industrialists, provides a glimpse of the challenges ahead as India heads into a national election that promises to be one of the most fiercely contested amid an increasingly polarised polity.

December 31,2018

Editor's Desk

The Last of the Mombattiwalas

A beacon of free and fair press, anti-Emergency warrior who had served jail time during Indira Gandhi’s regime, a pacifist and advocate of India-Pakistan peace process, and a fierce critic of Hindutva, Nayar was a ‘gentle colossus’ fondly remembered by almost every senior journalist in Delhi today.

August 23,2018

Law and Religion

Why India’s ‘blasphemy law’ should go

Paired with the fact that a suit can be filed at any of the 600 district courts across the nation, Section 295A of the Indian Penal Code prima facie seems facilitative of abuse and harassment. This misuse was pre-empted by the Section’s drafting committee which feared that it might be used to target not just the ‘scurrilous scribbler’, but also any form criticism or mere comment upon religious matters.

August 21,2018

Independence of judiciary

[FULL TEXT] Third RNG Lecture by Justice Gogoi

‘Justice is not something that is a standalone precept but an amalgam of other ideals like “socialism”; “democracy”; “liberty”; “equality”; “fraternity”, to name a few. They are not isolated silos because their undying endeavour is to establish one discipline - of overall justice, of an inclusive society.’

July 13,2018

Freedom of Press

A loud silencing

Those who advocate dialogue in Kashmir have become the prime targets of not just the terror groups but also government agencies, for working tirelessly and documenting the complex reality of Kashmir.

June 22,2018

Freedom of Press

‘Bukhari was character assassinated’

At the memorial meeting held at the Press Club of India in New Delhi, senior journalists paid tribute to the Rising Kashmir editor-in-chief, noting the courage and heart in his work.

June 20,2018

Freedom of Press

Black day for fourth estate

Unflinching in his fact-bound reportage and committed to peace and dialogue till he breathed last, Shujaat Bukhari’s murder, on the very day the UNHC report on Kashmir is published, is a tearful signpost of the times.

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