Environment Law

Environment & Forest Rights

Sonbhadra's daughters

A woman-led, feisty land rights movement has taken birth in this district in Uttar Pradesh which is also home to the Kanhar river on which a controversial dam is coming up. Its participants are unapologetic about their caste status, and, even under the greatest of duress, unwilling to back down.

February 14,2019

Environment Law

Grave assault on India's coastlines

Indian coastal states witnessed some of the worst coastal disasters: the violent cyclone Ockhi, which went from a depression to a severe cyclonic storm in just half a day; the freak monsoon in Kerala; the devastating cyclone Gaja and the failed monsoon in Tamil Nadu. The present CRZ 2018 will be detrimental for the health of coastal ecosystems, including wetlands and which are essential for reducing storm impacts on our coastal communities.

February 12,2019

Parliament Watch

373 elephants died unnaturally in last three years

A total of 373 elephants died unnaturally in last three years all over India. Of them, 62 died due to train accidents, 226 died due to electrocution, 59 died due to poaching and 26 died due to poisoning, informs MoS (Environment) in Lok Sabha.

February 8,2019

Environment & Labour Rights

Government continues negligence and apathy

A country which has the fourth largest reserves in the world, mining industry which contributes 2.5% to the GDP, it is disheartening to see that this incident not just brings out the disregard for Human Rights and Labour Rights but is also a proof of the severe apathy on part of both the Central Government and the State Government

January 18,2019

Environment & Labour Rights

Trapped in a rat-hole

Because the powers that be usually turn a blind eye to illegal mining, for the safety enforcement authorities such mines do not exist. There is no question of enforcing any safety standards in them. For instance, on the official website of the Director General of Mining Safety there is not a single reference to rat-hole mining or the Meghalaya tragedy. Such indifference is a greater tragedy that could pave the way for many more Meghalaya-like tragedies.

January 11,2019

The Nuclear Reaction

The charade of green clearance

The plan for the proposed extension of the Kaiga Nuclear Power Plant has met with fierce opposition from local resident communities, a majority of whom, instead of attending the public hearing, decided to register their opposition by boycotting it and carried out a protest march from Mallapur to the Kaiga housing complex, where the public hearing was scheduled to be held.

January 4,2019

Environment Law

Pollution: Law isn't enough

It is the State’s duty under the Directive Principles (Article 48A) of the Indian Constitution as well as the citizens’ responsibility under Article 51(g) of the Fundamental duties to ensure clean air and a healthy environment. Over the years, we have noticed the Supreme Court laying down certain principles when it comes to securing a clean and healthy environment.

November 27,2018

The Nuclear Reaction

Jaitapur nuclear deal: More toxic than Rafale

While the Rafale fighter jet deal will entail huge financial losses for the country, the agreement for the world’s largest nuclear power project at Jaitapur in an ecologically diverse and fragile region like Konkan, along with attendant concerns of the safety of EPRs, an unsteady French nuclear industry and its inexperienced Indian counterparts, will pose serious challenges to the environment, biodiversity, health and livelihoods of lakhs of people in and around the region.

October 25,2018

Original Reportage

The mask of ‘adla badli’: How Chhattisgarh government steals adivasi land

We see obfuscation of the various illegal processes undertaken by the Chhattisgarh government and corporate interests to alienate people from their lands in several villages of the state, cleverly masked by news headlines that scream of encounters and surrenders. Standing in the way of this naked state-corporate greed are the original inhabitants of these areas — the adivasis who have forever been denied their rightful claim in the “development” of this country.

October 25,2018

Democracy and Rule of Law

Remembering the ‘anti-nationals’ of Koodankulam

The Koodankulam anti-nuclear movement intensified following the catastrophic Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident in Japan in 2011. The accident, coupled with Tamil Nadu’s memory of the devastating Tsunami of 2004, and state apathy to the people’s concerns, all played a role in invigorating the agitation, which was met with unprecedented repression by the State.

September 17,2018


#KeralaFloods: A failure of federal responsibility

The past week has been a devastating period for the state of Kerala, for almost triple the estimated rainfall was experienced by the State. Yet, Central government’s puny financial grant of Rs 600 crore when the loss exceeds at least Rs 20,000 crore, its refusal to categorise the Kerala floods as a ‘national disaster’, and instead calling it a “calamity of a severe nature”, and finally not accepting foreign aid directed towards Kerala — indicate a strong bias against the southern state.

August 22,2018

Water Rights

Mahadayi Water Disputes Tribunal pronounces verdict

Tribunal in its long report running into 2,700 pages has recommended for changes in the Act of 1956 and as well as in the functioning of Central Water Commission as it found many shortcomings in its report. It has in total allocated 38.25 tmc of water of inter-state river Mahadayi, which consists of 24 tmc to Goa, 13.4 tmc to Karnataka and 1.33 tmc to Maharashtra.

August 16,2018

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