Elections 2019

Elections 2019

A Level Playing Field

The EC must act: Election-eve project announcements by the government unduly influence voters.

April 16,2019

Elections 2019

SC asks EC to reconsider its ban on release of the biopic on Narendra Modi

Asks ECI to inform it of its opinion in a sealed envelope 

April 15,2019

Elections 2019

SC refuses to stay Centre’s controversial Electoral Bonds Scheme

Tells political parties to furnish details of donations in sealed cover to ECI.

April 12,2019

Elections 2019

Who owns NaMo TV; how did it get security clearance?

Some unanswered questions about the breach of India’s broadcasting laws

April 11,2019

Elections 2019

How migrant workers leave behind their right to vote

Around 400 million domestic migrants who toil for their daily bread are not able to exercise their franchise.

April 10,2019

Elections 2019

Election Explainer Part III

In the third part of this series, The Leaflet discusses the procedure that fixes the territorial limits of constituencies.

April 10,2019

Book Review

Book Review: I am a Troll

Swati Chaturvedi's "I am a Troll".

April 9,2019

ElectionsElections 2019Electorate

‘Agitate for Hindu Rashtra’

Inside the mind of BJP’s youngest saffron star

April 8,2019

Elections 2019

The Tejasvi Surya gag order violates a voter's right to free speech and expression

Denying information about a candidate takes away the right of the ‘little man’ to make an informed choice.

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