No ‘moral paternalism on students’

The Court reiterated that it is a court’s constitutional responsibility to recognise a person’s freedom to have a choice and not to ensure that moral values of either the college authorities or students prevail. The Court noted that ‘it is a sin for some and not a sin for others’ and that these choice between such competing moralities is what constitutes ‘the essence of liberty’.

July 23,2018


DUTA pans MHRD largesse for ‘Jio Institute’

Jio Institute has no record of academic or socially relevant accomplishments. The inclusion of clauses which allow paper proposals to qualify as an Eminent Institution is an academic corruption of highest order. It is turning a government scheme as a promotion for a private player.

July 10,2018


Surgical strike to privatise education

Divestment of UGC regulations, criminalisation of non-compliance, opening floodgates of privatisation and profit-mongering, shedding permanent teaching faculty in the name of autonomy — the proposed Higher Education Commission of India is a catastrophe waiting to happen.

July 8,2018

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