Social Justice

From the two existing Acts, IIM Ahmedabad is bound to implement the GoI reservation norms in its 2020 PhD admissions

The CEI Act, 2006 and The IIM Act, 2017 clearly shows that the IIM Ahmadabad's 2020 PhD admission process, as wholly unconstitutional and discriminatory.

October 21,2019

Case update

Seven-judge Constitution bench to decide AMU’s minority status claim

AMU and the then Central government had approached the Supreme Court way back in 2006 challenging Allahabad HC's decision that took away the minority status of the AMU. After SC’s order passed today, now the appeals claiming for minority status will be placed before the CJI on the administrative side to list them before a seven-judge bench for the authoritative determination of the issue whether AMU is a minority institution.

February 12,2019

Case update

Kerala HC quashes four AMU appointments

Dr Hamza V K, the petitioner, challenged the selection process on the ground of non-adherence to the UGC regulations on Minimum Qualifications for Appointment of Teachers and other Academic Staff in Universities and Colleges and Measures for the Maintenance of Standards in Higher Education-2010.

November 28,2018

Civil Society

To SudhaMa’am, With Love

She invoked awe and reverence as a woman who toiled amongst the most socially turbulent parts of the country with quiet strength and navigated the corridors of power with the claims of the powerless, all while exuding an air of warmth and dignity. Her own life and work evoked reverence and inspiration among even the most cynical of us.

September 1,2018

Case update

93% of JNU teachers want VC Jagadesh Kumar to go

279 teachers voted in favour of him being relieved, 8 voted in favour of the VC staying. In total, 300 out of 586 listed faculty turned up for the referendum.  Eight votes were invalid and five voters abstained from voting. Out of the 51% of the faculty participating in the referendum, only 2.67 percent of the faculty wanted VC Jagdesh Kumar to remain in his office. While a staggering 93 percent of the faculty wanted him to vacate his office.

August 8,2018

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