Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Failing to furnish reasons for granting bail shows non-application of mind, says SC of a Rajasthan High Court order

“Judges are duty-bound to explain the basis on which they have arrived at a conclusion”

December 7,2019

Criminal Law

Police can’t attach immovable property of an accused during investigation, says Supreme Court 

The apex court on Tuesday maintained that the police cannot attach immovable property of an accused under Section 102 of CrPC during an ongoing investigation

September 24,2019

Criminal Law

Criminal Law Amendment Bill, 2019: A critical analysis

Vague terminology, unclear definitions

July 30,2019

Case update

​JNU Sedition case

Minister and bureaucrats hold contradictory views on sanction.

April 3,2019

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Some Solace, Some Morale : Bombay HC Observes.

The Bombay High Court’s Stern Observations in the Dabholkar-Pansare Cases.

March 29,2019


Justice A K Sikri and the Death Penalty

 An Uncertain Legacy.

March 24,2019

Know Your Rights

Understanding Criminal Law: Role of oral evidence/conduct

For a fair investigation, the officer in charge of the investigating team gets the direction for collecting further evidence, after noting the conduct of the victim and of the accused as well. Hence, the conduct of the parties is the most important factor of fair investigation, which needs to be considered by every investigating officer.

January 30,2019


Sedition and State Sanction

Delhi Police, firstly, filed the charge-sheet with such serious allegations after almost three years from the date of incident, and secondly, since one of the charges alleged against Kanhaiya Kumar and others is of sedition which falls under Chapter VI of the IPC, the police is bound in law to obtain sanction from the appropriate Government, in this case from the Government of Delhi, which they have not.

January 29,2019

Republic Day 2019

Thoughts on Republic Day: Unending battle for the ‘ex-Criminal Tribes’

The thumping majority with which the 124th Amendment was passed is a sign of the times. The issue of reservation has always remained a sore one with battle lines drawn out for years. However, the elephant in the room so to speak is that those who have suffered for centuries, by being in the margins, have no other way to become part of the mainstream. Reservation ought to emancipate, it ought to build bridges but even today — it is simply widening the gap. Join me as I take a deep and long look at the recently passed 124th Amendment to the Constitution of India and its impact on the Criminal Tribes.

January 26,2019

Sexual Offences

Tharoor’s Bill demanding criminalisation of marital rape is significant

It is essential to criminalise marital rape in order to break the age-old understanding that “marriage sanctions sex” or that married women are incapable of giving consent or that consent is presumed/implied upon marriage. This understanding only legitimises the patriarchal notion that a woman is the property of her husband after marriage.

January 5,2019

Lead Opinion

Grave systemic injustice

December 21, 2018 was certainly a sad day for Rubabuddin Sheikh. It has been a long journey for him, yet he has not got any justice for his brother. He now plans to challenge the decision and appeal to the Supreme Court. At a systemic level, there are grave questions of impunity of police in fake encounters, especially at the behest of the politically powerful, apart from the safety of witnesses in political crimes.

December 31,2018

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