Public Statement

Public Statement

Students and alumni of US universities express solidarity with AMU and Jamia students

A student-led protest called for at Harvard University on Dec 17

December 17,2019

Public Statement

Open letter to RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat: 'Why link Jesus to lynching?'

Instead of doing etymological research on lynching, you should say that it is un-Indian, unholy, unacceptable, and unjustified and all those guilty of it will end their lives in jails. 

October 12,2019

Public Statement

FIR against Lawyers Collective: Rights groups protest government action

“The witch hunt against lawyers, journalists and human rights defenders must cease”

June 21,2019

Public Statement

Lawyers Collective and trustees express shock at CBI’s FIR against them

“An attack on the right to free speech and expression; an attack on the legal profession”

June 18,2019

Women's Day

Stop The Criminalisation of Triple Talaq

Redraft Muslim Women’s Rights Bill, 2018

March 8,2019

Public Statement

#SayNoToWar: Citizens issue urgent appeal for peace

We appeal to the governments on both sides to refrain from further hostilities, overt or covert, and to resolve their differences within the framework of international law and human rights.

February 28,2019

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