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Book Review: I am a Troll

Swati Chaturvedi's "I am a Troll".

April 9,2019

Book Review

Book Review: How to win an Indian election

Shivam Shankar Singh’s “How To Win An Indian Election: What Political Parties Don't Want You To Know"

March 13,2019

Book Review

The Insidious Interlocking of Caste And Gender In India

Uma Chakravarti’s “Gendering Caste Through A Feminist Lens”

March 12,2019

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[Book Extract] The 'Common Maximum Programme': Lynchings betray an old pattern

A excerpt from 'Lynch Files: The Forgotten Saga of Victims of Hate Crime', by senior journalist Ziya Us Salam.

February 25,2019

Independence of judiciary

[Book Extract] Whither judicial aloofness?

In Chapter 15 of their newly released book ‘Loose Pages: Court Cases that Could Have Shaken India’, authors Sourya Majumder and Paranjoy Guha Thakurta explore the quagmire of the cases heard by benches featuring Justice Arun Kumar Mishra of the Supreme Court, especially the Sahara-Birla papers case, in which Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan was an alleged recipient of the company’s largesse of Rs 10 crore.

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