Be positive

In the service of our Great Nation

Environmental laws become elastic

That is why to fight the COVID-19 war

Most protective weaponry is of plastic


From planes in skies to ships at sea

The most eagerly awaited shipment

Is no longer oil, food or medicines

But ‘Personal Protection Equipment’


A simple sneeze or irritant cough

Makes people think you’ve caught it

The most exciting gossip these days

Is which Lordship’s cook has got it!


Alternative therapists have blossomed

Yogic, Pranic, Ayurvedic & Homeopathic

There’s an overdose of AYUSH therapies

Babas on Channels seem psychopathic!


In such suspicious, gloomy atmosphere

No wonder if our thoughts turn negative

Yet no one has mustered enough courage

To cheerfully come and say ‘BE POSITIVE’!