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Raju Z Moray is an advocate who practices law in the Bombay High Court when not puncturing bloated egos while the Freedom of Expression is still a Fundamental Right! He is the creator of 'Gobble D. Gook', his alter-ego, who figured in the 'Court Jester' columns of 'The Lawyers'. An anthology of all those delightful articles is available from https://www.instamojo.com/AbsoluteGuilt/court-jester-by-advocate-raju-z-moray/ Gobble D. Gook now inspires Adv. Moray to pen "Law-mericks" for 'The Leaflet'.



Law-merick: The Lost Case of the Missing Counsel

But when a case is dismissed without any scope for restoration just because the arguing counsel took a holiday is not fair... at least it does not seem fair to an old fashioned esquire like Gook. He thinks Milords, this ain't Cricket.

February 18,2019


Law-merick: When TV bytes are effective, and petitions defective!

Publicity is a chronic addiction whose cure is yet to be found and that is why the issue raised by the Super Chief merits this Law-merick by Gook.

February 16,2019


Law-merick: When scriptwriter CAG wrote scenes which couldn't be acted!

This Lawmerick appreciates the skills of bureaucrats in churning out reports, which weigh a lot, but often say nothing.

February 15,2019


Law-merick: Of court masters and the Masters of the Court

Although the Super Chief moved super quick and sacked two errant Court Masters, it is quite evident that there is something rotten even in the state of our highest court's babudom.

February 14,2019


Law-merick: How Big Jack Horner sat in a corner!

The Super Chief meant business when he issued Contempt notices to the CBI top brass who had wilfully disobeyed the directions of the SC.

February 12,2019


Law-merick: Could the Constitutional Engine get derailed?

Recently, a very highly-rated and learned Milord was in the news for inter alia saying: "The Constitution fails when a cartoonist is jailed for Sedition. When jail instead of bail is granted to a blogger who was critical of religious architecture, the Constitution fails."

February 12,2019


Law-merick: Paying the price of statues and pride

The interesting thing is that whatever the Hon'ble Court dishes out as sauce for the goose, will also be sauce for the gander…which, put quite simply means: if a CM can suffer after becoming an ex, so can some PM suffer upon becoming an ex!

February 11,2019


Law-merick: Are our directions like a subordinate's report?

The Apex Court does at times bar the shifting of investigating officers in sensitive probes to ensure continuity, speed and thoroughness in investigations. But of late, such orders tended to be overlooked or ignored. This Law-merick celebrates the welcome cracking of the judicial whip against those who grow too big for their boots.

February 8,2019


Law-merick: Maybe Lord Rama also had a say?

No, we are not talking about the the fall in judicial standards ... Nor the continuing fall in standards of the Bar... Just the fall of an adventurous Milord from his bike!

February 7,2019


Law-merick: When the AG shows signs of intolerance and rage

That the alleged "contempt" is considered to be criminal contempt for questioning the whole methodology of "sealed cover communications" and for conjecturing that this may have contained inaccuracies which misled the Supreme Court, seems to have been taken as a personal affront by the Hon'ble AG, who represented the Government in the by now infamous CBI top brass case.

February 5,2019


Law-merick: On Teltumbde, arbitrariness has always had its way

But the way the Sessions judge has behaved in this case is most amusing. Bemused by this all too familiar merry-go-round of a "judicial mind", Gook was inspired to pen this Lawmerick

February 3,2019


Law-merick: Beware the ides of March!

The "doctrine of legitimate expectation" does not seem to apply to those who never tire of preaching it to everyone else. Judges moving into the Apex Court's Collegium can be like Jupiter moving into the lucky signs of aspiring judicial horoscopes bestowing unexpected grace upon them to facilitate their quick elevation to the Court of Supreme Wisdom.

February 2,2019

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