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Lead Opinion

The President must follow correct constitutional procedure when appointing the Prime Minister

A ‘Confidence Motion’ in the event of a hung Parliament will militate against the constitutional scheme

May 13,2019

Elections 2019

A Level Playing Field

The EC must act: Election-eve project announcements by the government unduly influence voters.

April 16,2019


An outgoing government has no mandate to budget for the whole year

An outgoing government’s mandate expires on the day when the House of the People completes five years from the first day of its first sitting. Article 83 makes it clear that the expiration of the five-year period will operate as a dissolution of the House. Once the House is dissolved, there shall be no responsible government in office. Therefore such a government cannot present the estimate of receipts and expenditure for ‘that year’.

February 25,2019

The Kashmir Conversation

A problem called Kashmir

The first thing that should be done by our civilised society is to rediscover the empathy with Kashmir’s pain. This empathy should not be allowed to be lost in retributive vendetta.

June 25,2018