The Kashmir Conversation

The Kashmir Conversation

Kashmir: Communications shutdown, a ‘collective punishment’ must be reversed, UN experts urge India

In a strong call to the Government of India, at least five United Nations independent rights expert on Thursday stressed on easing the ongoing restrictions in Jammu and Kashmir

August 23,2019

The Kashmir Conversation

Jammu & Kashmir: Karan Singh demands release of all political leaders, political dialogue

Describing Centre’s Kashmir move “sudden and shocking”, former Sadr-e-Riyasat Karan Singh impressed upon J&K residents to accept government’s decision with a positive mindset.

August 21,2019

The Kashmir Conversation

Kashmir clampdown: Government urged to allow patients to access healthcare

Worried over “blatant denial of the right to healthcare and right to life”, a group of doctors has asked the central government to ease restrictions on communications and travel in Jammu & Kashmir

August 19,2019

The Kashmir Conversation

Kashmir is under siege, say rights activists

A group of rights activists after spending five days in Kashmir valley reported use of pellet guns and arbitrary arrest of school kids and youth by the security forces.

August 14,2019

The Kashmir Conversation

A lament for Kashmir from Mumbai

By abrogating Article 370, the Modi government has broken a solemn oath India had taken when Jammu and Kashmir became an integral part of India.

August 13,2019

The Kashmir Conversation

A sombre Eid in Valley, restrictions reimposed after prayers

Kashmir police said in a tweet that Eid festival prayers “concluded peacefully in various parts of the (Kashmir) Valley. No untoward incident reported so far.”

August 12,2019

The Kashmir Conversation

WATCH | Government plans separate townships for nomadic Gujjars & Bakerwals in Kashmir

While the land for developing separate colonies for Pandits has already been identified, Jammu and Kashmir BJP Chief has now claimed that the government is soon going to allot land and houses to pastoral nomads in the Valley  

August 8,2019

Lead Opinion

Too many killings at the border

Grandstanding about surgical strikes could have been avoided. Public pronouncement of the strikes and resultant aggressive retaliatory actions by the Pakistanis has in fact put authorities under more pressure. On one hand expectations of masses have been raised and on the other the locals living along the border are finding their daily life totally disrupted due to daily exchange of fire.   

December 19,2018

Law and Conflict

Finding humanity in a state of exceptions

Mutilation of dead bodies is a ‘clear violation’ of both customary, and treaty norms in both international armed conflict (IAC) and non-international armed conflict (NIAC). Under international criminal law, the prohibition of mutilating dead bodies in international armed conflicts is covered as a war crime.

October 15,2018

The Kashmir Conversation

Independence, and a deep mourning

For me, the freedom is to move in your locality without showing identity cards, travel in public transport without getting searched or visit any office without getting frisked or loiter on the road without getting killed. Unfortunately, I have been deprived of all this since people in India and Pakistan got their freedom. I salute those Indians who share my agony when I tell them that I am being caged and curfewed on your Independence Day.

August 31,2018

The Kashmir Conversation

Why Article 35A matters

Article 35A, being the right under the Constitution to define a permanent resident, and to consequently confer upon such citizens rights related to immovable property, is intrinsically connected to both land and law in the State of Jammu and Kashmir. Tampering with it, therefore, might itself give rise to claims of self-determination propelled by forces that will inevitably manifest under any forced ‘integration’ scenario.

August 15,2018


Can Imran do a 1992 on Pakistan?

Leaders with far greater mandate than what Imran Khan Niazi, the head of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf, has achieved in the latest general elections have been hostage to the Pakistani Deep State insofar their India policy goes. However, if Imran the Prime Minister proves to be half as good as Imran the captain, Pakistan is in for some good times.

July 27,2018

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