Lateral entry in civil services: An attempt to circumvent the system of reservations

The lateral entry system violates the spirit of the law

June 28,2019


Sanjiv Bhatt’s sentence to life imprisonment is bad in law

Higher court must overrule the lower court verdict


“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

Thoughts of an “unknown functionary of the Lawyers Collective”

June 22,2019


Modi .2 going ahead with its programme of crippling dissenting voices

Govt move against NDTV and Lawyers Collective are strong indicators

June 22,2019


Right to Education Act and NEP

We must address the systemic crisis in our school education system before we tackle the learning crisis

June 21,2019


Labour law reforms: The new labour minister has his work cut out

Simple codification will not give succour to labour or capital

June 19,2019


The Prashant Kanojia Bail Order: Two Constitutional Issues

A high premium on personal liberty

June 12,2019


Assam NRC: “Gauhati High Court has given me hope for justice”

As ‘foreigner’ ex-army officer walks out of detention camp, uncertainty stares at hundreds of other Sanaullahs

June 10,2019


Mephisto in Mantralaya

Whose government is it anyway?

June 5,2019


Foreign flying rights: Schism in the aviation industry as airlines seek level playing field in slot allocations

Writ filed in the Supreme Court as Jet employees worry that current allocations may kill the airline

June 4,2019


The most dangerous thing

Translated by Malavika Rajkotia

May 25,2019

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