Mother like no other

If fighting for the rights of Adivasis, fighting for workers and peasants, fighting against repression and exploitation and giving up one’s whole life for them is being a Naxalite, then I guess Naxalites are pretty good!

September 7,2018

Civil Society

To SudhaMa’am, With Love

She invoked awe and reverence as a woman who toiled amongst the most socially turbulent parts of the country with quiet strength and navigated the corridors of power with the claims of the powerless, all while exuding an air of warmth and dignity. Her own life and work evoked reverence and inspiration among even the most cynical of us.

September 1,2018


Clash of the tennis titans

Bjorn Borg versus John McEnroe, Boris Becker versus Stefan Edberg and Roger Federer versus Rafael Nadal — the gladiatorial contests made the grass court of SW 19 a thing of pure beauty, grace and nail-biting thrill.

June 28,2018


The first cup is the sweetest

I was barely six and half years old on June 25, 1983. It is my earliest memory of anything.

June 18,2018

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