Law-merick: Whither independence?

It's the 72nd Independence Day today, August 15, 2018 — and Gobble D Gook is ready with his poetic wisdom.

August 15,2018


Law-merick: Our Supreme Court is Ayyappa

Gobble D Gook, whose love for the preposterous is well known, was very impressed by an argument advanced by an intervener too upset that the ‘celibate’ lord god might get distracted by the mere presence of his female devotees.

August 5,2018


Law-merick: Collegium recommendations

Do you think any of these superseded judges are likely to resign?

July 21,2018


Law-merick: Not shocked, but...

The silence of the legal fraternity (by and large) about a brother advocate's arrest is disturbing.

June 17,2018

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