Freedom of the Press

Freedom of Speech

Justice Deepak Gupta: ‘Criticism of government, army & judiciary can’t be construed as sedition’

Speaking on ‘Law of Sedition and Freedom of Expression’ during a lawyers’ workshop in Ahmedabad on Saturday, Justice Gupta maintained that in the absence of dissent, democracy will ultimately get replaced by a police state in the country

September 8,2019

Freedom of Press

Assange’s arrest: “Stolen Documents" and the assault on press freedom

Reminiscent of India, the stolen documents argument sets an “especially dangerous precedent for journalists, who routinely violate foreign secrecy laws to deliver information vital to the public’s interest”.

April 17,2019

Case update

SC: Rafale, right to publish documents is in consonance with freedom of speech

No power with the executive arm  to restrain publication or placing of secret documents before a court of law, says court.

April 10,2019

Civil Society

Why I won't appear on Republic TV

As a lawyer I believe in the Rule of Law and not in media trials. So I prefer to continue going about my work and duties as a trade unionist, a lawyer and a teacher; serving people as best I can and as I have been doing for the past three decades. Let my love for my country and its citizens speak, not through words, but through my work.

August 21,2018

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