Constitutional Law

Constitutional Law

Citizenship Bill (2019) awaits President's assent, challenged in the Supreme Court [Read the Petition]

“Classification based on individual's religious identity offends the fundamental principle of ‘Secularism’”, said the petition filed by IUML

December 12,2019

Right to Privacy

Facebook bats for WhatsApp privacy protection

In a rare case, Facebook-owned company Whatsapp goes all out to resist move to link Aadhaar with social media accounts

August 9,2019

Constitutional Law

Scrapping Jammu & Kashmir’s special status is unconstitutional, undemocratic

Substituting “Constituent Assembly” with “Legislative Assembly” modifies the text of Article 370 without meeting the provision’s requirements

August 5,2019

Constitutional Law

Transformative Constitutionalism- A post-colonial experiment

The right to free speech is now an endangered species of rights

July 22,2019

Constitutional Law

Delhi HC issues notice on plea for a judicial commission on a Uniform Civil Code

Petitioner also seeks direction to Law Commission to draft UCC in three months

June 1,2019

Right to Privacy

Shifting stakes of privacy

The government-corporate nexus to monetise data compromises our privacy

Law Enforcement

Slum dwellers’ right to the city

Is there an unconscious neo-liberal bias in the judiciary.

April 18,2019

Law and Citizenship

Today a citizen, tomorrow an enemy

A Critical Analysis of The Enemy Property Act, 2017.

March 24,2019

Law and Religion

Sabarimala forces us to recognise unacknowledged violence against women

We see a form of untouchability being practised against the woman in excluding her from the household itself. Senior Advocate Indira Jaising has accurately pointed out to how this extends beyond just “exclusion” and to a complete social boycott. The purification rituals that were conducted inside the temple after the first two women entered is reflective of the deeply entrenched notion of untouchability.

February 7,2019

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